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Misconception and Communication

admin   August 31, 2016   Comments Off on Misconception and Communication

There is always a gap in communication between various parties. This comes into play with politics, religion, war, and government concepts as well as the most basic social concepts and conflicts. The primary mode of miscommunication is not perceiving a message correctly. This can result in disinformation which is merely malformed or misinterpreted information. Regardless, this is still a basic feed we need to work from.

Communication involves recognizing distinct differences and patterns in the change of language and expression and this is typically where interpreters can come into the translation and create some sort of synchronicity between then actual delivered message and the literal communication. If this sounds simple, perhaps you are set up for a great job with the CIA. Go and apply. For the rest of us, we need to start understanding one another better before we go into judgement.

On a practical level, this can come in on social work. Just with civil workers acting at a community level, if communication were an active point of education as a tandem to attempts for reaching out to social disturbances, then it is highly probable that there would be a change in interpretation which would lead to more effective communication on behalf of all parties concerned. If we continue to ignore the potential of communication and correct perceptions it will not work. Similarly, if we ignore communication in the sense of perceived messages, we shall also fail.

The key would be to manifest a common ground, analyzing the differentials between communication potential and simple delivery among different races. If this were implicit in all diplomatic engagements, there could certainly be fault but not failure because the logic is solid. There is no real disagreement if delivery of communication is exactly the same as communication itself. Therefore, it is reasonable to conceive of a common method of communication between all differing parties.